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Magic Of Yoga Mats (Part – 2)

The last blog was all about the history and physical requirements of a yoga mat. There are still many unanswered questions like why do we need a yoga mat and what all qualities should it possess? So let’s move on to answering these common doubts.

Why Yoga Mats?

Since its inception many centuries ago, it has lasted the test of time mainly because of its purpose which is to provide grip and stability while practising various asanas. Slipping can cause serious harm when one is doing complicated postures. A yoga mat provides the additional grip making the practitioner more stable when doing postures. A thin yoga mat is best for getting additional stability. On the other hand, a thick mat can act as a comforting bed protecting the joints when ground postures are performed.

A yoga mat acts as a surface protecting your body from the hardness of the surface. Practising yoga on a hard floor is uncomfortable especially for the joints in hands and knee. It is also difficult to keep a posture on the bare floor. A yoga mat reduces these discomforts. The textures in the yoga mat are about all about providing traction. Depending on the need and requirement one can choose the yoga mat from a wide variety of textures from the softest to the roughest.

Choosing Yoga Mat:

A yoga mat is not just a mat, it is your personal space. A place where you are able to find tranquillity of mind and is able to re-energize your body. It is your safe haven where you find solace in the practice of yoga from the tiring works and tasks. A place to order the chaotic mind and strengthen the body both physically and mentally.

One has to give considerable thinking before buying one. The qualities of a good yoga mat are to

  1. Provide adequate grip and traction.
  2. Comfort
  3. Portability and Thickness (depending on need)
  4. Affordability
  5. Nature of material and
  6. Longevity

Your mat shows your preference and a part of your personality. More than anything that matters is the comfort of the user. So it’s better to choose one according to one’s preference and need.

Hoping that all questions have been answered, Stay tuned for new blog topics.

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