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Ayurvastra – the magic and goodness of Ayurvedic herbs on your skin. It all began with our quest for organic fabric devoid of any chemicals. The journey ended in the most authentic concept of fabrication, equipped with the splendour to get your skin all the goodness and pampering that it deserves.

We just had one intention on our mind – to help you get entwined with nature in all its fullness and indulge in mindful moments. Our fabric, being mindfully handwoven and dyed in hues from herbs like neem, tulsi, turmeric, vetiver, red sandal etc, make it easy for your skin to breathe and soak in pure bliss. Bid adieu to the chemicals that can harm you and your roots, our mother nature. Embrace divinity, self-love and the richness that you deserve. Embrace Niraamaya.

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Ayur Mask

Ayur Mask is made with the goodness of Ayurveda ensuring the utmost comfort to the user. The reusable 4 layer cotton mask has a fbre filter layer added to offer enhanced protection. Ayur Sukhin: natural oil essential spray is developed to keeps your masks smelling fresh and enhancing purification. Ayur Mask comes in a convenient storage as a pack of 3 masks and includes Ayur Sukhin: essential oil spray.

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Yoga Mats

Premium quality yoga mats made of organic cotton and is infused with Ayurvedic goodness. The grip provides a lot of traction giving you the extra stability during Yoga or Workout. This yoga mat is designed as Compact as possible for carrying & convenient storage.



Niraamaya started its journey searching for a forgotten craft called ayurvastra which was enjoyed by the royal families of Kerala for centuries.we met people – ayurvedic physicians, weavers, artisans & a lot of text references lead light to this ancient technique.

  • 100% Organic
  • Handwoven and Natural dyes
  • Non-toxic with no chemicals
  • Eco friendly & Bio degradable
  • Exceptional resilience and durability


Our Ayurveda dyeing process starts with 100% pure organic fabric that passes through several stages of treatment before becoming fabric for wellness. The fibres are fused with different herbs with different wellness properties. Our herbs have wellness properties which can address skin conditions, immunity issues etc. The fibres and herbs we use are locally grown, harvested and sourced.


Quality Meditation mats & Eye-pillows with goodness of nature. The grip provided by the mats gives a lot of traction giving you the extra stability during Meditation or Workout. The accessories are designed to be compact as possible for carrying and convenient storage.

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Anti-bacterial qualities with rejuvenating herbs which promotes the holistic health of the body.


Our therapeutic Green balances blood circulation and all conditions of the heart.


Brings warmth, energy and stimulation. Red energizes the heart and blood circulation, it also restores balance to blood circulation.


Natural antioxidant, purifies blood and can be used for its anti-inflammatory properties.


Good Antioxidant and cardiac tonic.