We started our journey searching for a forgotten craft called ayurvastra which was enjoyed by the royal families of Kerala for centuries. We met people – ayurvedic physicians, weavers, artisans & a lot of text references lead light to this ancient technique.

Now,for the last 12 years, we practice crafting ayurvastra which in simple terms- fabrics/yarns imbibed with ayurvedic herbal formulations through a unique dyeing process without denaturing its medicinal properties.

We use preparations from herbs, berries, flowers & oils with properties like wellness, detox, skin conditioning, immunity etc to dye yarns & fabrics of cotton, silk, wool hemp & burlap – all natural & mostly certified organic.

Over these years, we have yogamats (we claim worlds most natural yogamat), yoga towels, yoga wear, eye pillows, bath towels, bedsheets, stoles & even a natural laundry powder in our product list.

We have two exclusive stores in fort kochi & jew town, both tourist hotspots in Kerala with a niche clientaile.


Changing to the environment are affecting everyone one of us. Organic farming is a powerful ally in the fight against global warming, not only that it consumes fewer resources to sustain, this technique actually fights the influence of carbon in the environment. Organic farms are more productive as the soil is richer and more is resistant to diseases and this is also helpful to the farmers as well as they do not get exposed to harmful chemicals.

The dyed fabrics are dried in shades and kept for prolonged periods for the longevity of the fabrics.


It’s no longer just what you put in your body that counts, but also what you put on your body. The desire for a conscientious living is leading more and more consumers to choose organic clothes that are made using materials and processes qualities of wellness and goodness of nature within them. Our colours for our products are chosen specifically for their unique wellness properties such as

Herbal Ingredients

Terminaliachebula, Terminaliabellerica, Phyllanthusembellica, Curcuma aromatica, Ocimum sanctum, Karpooradithailam, and Indukanthamkazhayam

Herbal Properties

Our therapeutic Green balances blood circulation and all conditions of the heart. It has both an energizing effect and a moderating or soothing effect.

Possible Wellness Benefits

It cures hormonal imbalances, stimulates growth hormones, Cleans and purifies the body from germs and bacteria.